a poem for her

By persistence my fighting chance is almost true

So close to showing up at the dance too

That im already picking out my cloths

Amidst the perseverance throughout my realistic goals

Adjusting to the contradictory present

Has been frustrating, but also pleasant

I can see the path ahead aligned with many stones left to turn

But i admit in order to leave no stone unturned

I still have to figure out how to use the many tools that ive yet to learn

Along my journey you will always be an unforgettable part

In the quest in which ive embarked

I know not yet your place on the chart

But i will always hold the memories of us in my heart

My emotions once moved wind-like and in all directions

Noone, not even i ever knew my root intentions

But now that ive grown still

And as i walk on the green grass promised on the other side of the hill

I lay here very alone still

Reminescent of ill-advised and self-inflicted mental infections

From a past

that is full of failed inventions and false pretensions

I can here, see, and feel

That Im out of life extensions and leaving my home will soon be real…..